Phil Newberry

Phil has been a keen photographer for many, many years, shooting first with film SLRs and then progressing on to digital SLRs once the technology started to improve. He always took his camera with him whenever travelling on holiday, abroad to visit friends or even the odd day out to places of interest but he never really set out to create art.

However, as he started to benefit from the more immediate feedback that a digital camera provides, he started to immerse himself increasingly into learning the tools and techniques required to produce quality works of art.

“Back in the film days you had no choice but to get them developed and printed if you wanted to see your photographs. Nowadays, it's all too easy to leave your photos languishing on a memory card or your computer hard drive. However, I've been determined to continue the practice of printing my photographs, so have also taught myself the colour management and printing skills necessary to faithfully reproduce what I see on my computer screen.

It's so rewarding to produce something from end to end; to hold the end result of the planning, visualisation, capturing and post-processing, through to the feel of the print on high quality paper.”

Phil is interested in a variety of photographic disciplines but tends to concentrate mostly on producing fine art landscape and nature, often in black and white. Producing fine art allows him the creative freedom to use techniques that result in an image one or two steps removed from reality, thereby allowing hidden aspects of the subject to be revealed. For example, long exposure photography is a technique that allows the capturing of the magic and beauty of a scene that the human eye would never otherwise see, yet it is still reality.

All Phil’s giclée prints are printed by him on exhibition quality acid-free archival papers, with professional pigment inks that provide light fastness ratings of over 100 years. Most of his prints come in two or three sizes and some are limited runs, numbered, signed and authenticated with a certificate providing further details of the print.

All images are subject to copyright.

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