Mary Clarke is a genial, talented potter from Burwash and we are now pleased to show and sell her work at the gallery. She is based at her garden studio in Burwash.

Her wide-ranging travels feed the fund of influences on her current and developing work.

Mary specialises in Raku pottery using both porcelain and stonewall clay. Her style is significantly influenced by the work of Fernando Botero.


A traditional Japanese technique of glaze firing, closely linked to the Tea Ceremony. The glazed figure or form is removed from the kiln whilst the glaze is molten. The figure is transferred to a reduction chamber and covered with sawdust, the smoke created is allowed to permeate the clay and form a black crackle.

Subject Matter

Mary's art is diverse, but inspired largely by her love of animals, as our small range of examples show. Each piece is unique. Individually crafted and imbued with a character of its own.


For those interested in this fascinating process Mary also holds courses which she runs from her garden studio in East Sussex.


Prices will vary according to the size and intricacy of the piece.


She is available for commissions, one such recently completed for Kate Malone, a leading UK ceramic artist and head judge on the ’Great Pottery Throwdown'.

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